Most frequent questions and answers

Recommend starting age to be within 13 years or older

If you or someone you know experience fear to compete, feel pressured during competition, low self-confidence, difficult to focus under stress, anxiety symptoms, lack of motivation, then mental toughness training is highly recommended.

mtc deals with individual athletes, clubs, academies, team clubs by providing individual sessions workshops, and group coaching.

It’s all about raising your awareness and controlling your emotions by raising your confidence level under stress to reach your peak performance.

It’s not the amount of time, its about how well you could develop your own self. It is really a great journey to unlock your potentials.

Being mentally tough. Sports is acting in the here and now, it needs your trained focus to reach
your target and get yourself into the zone.

Yes, you could develop mental toughness through mental training to unlock your potentials.

Physicality is very important, yet most sports is based on many mental aspects, we all need it to
reach our peak performance.

Mental toughness applies for life in general, every day life, education, business professionals,
performers and many other life sectors.